Design as a strategy in the construction industry

Design as a strategy in the construction industry

Permasteelisa Group is a worldwide company that supplies facade cladding for some of the world’s most iconic buildings. In order to increase the company’s market share, the management decided to develop a program which focuses on the “design ability” in the company.

Permasteelisa provides project management and technical competencies for some of the largest construction companies in the world. In order to deliver efficient and sustainable design, Permasteelisa recognized a need for a wider, common understanding of what design is – and what the company’s design managers need to be able to do.

We developed a program that could define the company’s “design ability” in general.

Permasteelisa also wanted to improve the individual competencies of designer managers and design leaders. They were looking for lead-concept-designers that could easily relate to aesthetics, form and function. But they should also relate to the entire value chain, so purchasing, production and installation processes became part of the design process.

We therefore built a training module that could upgrade participants from all over the world. Design leaders at many levels were challenged in creativity and design, but they were also introduced to new ways of leading, communicating and collaborating.

The work was carried out in collaboration with Martin Anderesen, Park, NL 

Marc Zobec, Group Technical Director says:

The result of this program has allowed us to shape a whole new strategy and a managerial function across the various destinations. It can ensure that we grow by showing leadership, individual passion. And it enables us to develop innovative and distinct solutions for the market, which are guaranteed quality throughout the process.


I wish to thank you for the efforts you have made in this design-ability training. I have had the pleasure of participating in each of the workshops and sessions and it has been an incredibly enlightening experience for me. 

One thing that I have greatly come to understand is that Permasteelisa understand a great deal about projects, engineering, construction, manufacturing processes as well as detailing……BUT what has become most apparent though is that design is more than a tangible process. Having been able to see the work undertaken by you and DSK and how learning is done in design, it is apparent that design much more and as much if not more psychological than technical; finding ways of promoting creative thinking and methods of inspiring people to do this. It became rapidly apparent how little Permasteelisa knows about design in this sense.  

That being said, I must say that I have seen an incredible growth in all the candidates and great potential. It was also inspiring for me to see some of the tools you have taught over the past year are being applied; mostly out of it becoming a habit rather than an imposed activity. In other words we are doing these tools without even realizing it.

– Marc Zobec, Group Technical Dierctor, Permasteelisa SPA


“Thanks a lot for the recent period. I’ve been challenged a lot and learnt a lot. I much appreciate the effort of Permasteelisa and in particular Mette and Marc. And also the other ‘students / participants’ for their participation. Was a great experience!”

Hans Jansen, Tender Design Leader Scheldebouw B.V.

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